Best Product Testing Sites & Companies Review 2017

Best Product Testing Sites

Best Product Testing Sites

“Best product testing sites”, “Product testing sites” or “product testing companies” Whichever one you are searching for on google this post has got you covered. Here, is a detailed popular product testing websites review and how to make money with them. So, if you are looking for product testing sites or product testing reviews, you have come to the right place.

Product testing sites are fast becoming a popular word people who are looking to make money by testing products search for. And with the current economy situation, making money by testing products for websites and companies can help supplement your off-line income.

Unfortunately, finding genuine product testing companies can be a little bit tricky. Here, our team of product testing experts have scanned the whole world wide web to find product testing sites and companies that actually pay and were able to find a very good number of them.

How product testing sites work

The idea is quite easy.  You test products for free in return for your views on whether the product actually work, or at times sharing what you think with your friends. They send you a product, you give feedback on the product if it works.  Some product testing companies may even pay you money for your view.

Use of product testing

1. Achieve product superiority over its competitive products.

2. Continuously improve and enhancing product performance and customer satisfaction, for example., to maintain product superiority, especially as consumer tastes evolve over time.

3. Monitor the real potential threat levels posed by its competitive products, to understand the competitive strengths as well as weaknesses.

4.  It reduces costs of product formulations and/or processing methods, while as the same time maintaining product superiority.

5. Measure the effects of aging on a product quality, shelf-life studies.

6. Implicitly measure an effects of price, brand name, or packaging upon perceived product performance or quality.

7. Provide guide to research and also development in creating new products or upgrading the existing products.

8. Monitor product quality of products from different factories, via different channels of distribution, and also from year to year.

9. Predict if the consumer will accept the new products or not.

10. Companies who are committed to rigorous product testing as well as continuous product enhancement can, in most cases, achieve product superiority over their rivals. Product superiority, in turn, assists to strengthen brand share, maximize the positive effects of all marketing activities such as advertising, promotion, selling, and so on, and often allows the superior products to command premium prices relative to competitors.

Most companies, sadly, do very little in product testing. Few companies actually understand the power of continuous product enhancement and product testing. Even a very few companies know how to do product testing the proper way. Fewer yet budget enough cash to support a serious product-testing program. These shortcomings in the majority of companies create opportunities for minor of companies who are dedicated to continuous product enhancement.

How to participate in product testing

The most important thing to understand is that tests are usually aimed at a particular groups (for example, dads aged 35-40), and you answer a few questions to check if you qualify. It is unlikely you will qualify for every test and there is a limit on how many people who can test each product. So respond at speed, as the best rewards go fast.

There are a few ways to take part:

We’ve worked our way through hundreds of product testing forums’ reviews to find the genuine and top product testing sites, where all you have to do is feedback on the free products given to you to test. Huge thanks to all the forums members whose feedback went into the guide. If you have found a genuine product testing websites we are missing here, let us know using the comment section below.

As soon as you have tested the product, answer questions correctly and on time to enhance your chances of getting more product testing offers.

Do not just google ‘product testing sites’ to find this kind of website though. You may get a scam artist website promising, say, free television etc, when it is just a ploy to get your personal details or bank account information.

The great value of a product testing is perhaps best shown by some of its many usage.

List of best product testing sites and companies to work with:

  • is a one of a kind product testing company brought to you by the popular Featuring large branded products, mystery shopping opportunities and secret diner experiences.

Their mission is to give the public the chance to give their honest opinion and improve the consumer experience.

It is completely free to sign up and if selected, you test and keep the product! All they ask for in return, is a review of the product or experience

A written review (500 words or more), video review (a minimum of a minute long) and photos.

Product Testing USA is currently accept members from USA, UK and Australia only.



Toluna is an online survey community that was established in the year 2000 by Frederic-Charles Petit and they have their worldwide headquarters in Paris, France. They have offices in different locations such as India, Tokyo, Texas, Wilton, Connecticut, FrankFurt, Toronto, Ontario, Sydney, Dallas, Australia, Japan, Israel, Haifa, UK, German, Ealing, Madrid Spain and Gurgaon with over 800 employees and more than 4 million registered users.

They offer their survey participants a token such as cash, gifts or vouchers upon completion of any survey. But Toluna always presents interested participants with a sampling survey which will now determine if they are qualified for main survey or not. Some of the products sent to clients for testing includes clothing or food items and members from teenage age and older get cash or Tango Cards. However, some participants have shared their feedback on their experience with Toluna as some of them are listed below;

  • Christy Says

Along the line, I’ve heard that people got products to test but since I signed up with them, I haven’t been chosen for any product testing.

  • Harmony Says

I don’t think this site is that good because their product testing section is always the same with not much of product available

  • Mitchel43 Says

So far, I guess I’m quite lucky because I have been chosen for some tests and I was given incentives inform of gifts to but at Walmart grocery and some token to buy red Lobster including cash gifts when I gave them feedbacks on the product I tested.

  • Jason3 Says

I just have a problem with Toluna because their payment scheme is so poor and wastes a lot of them up to 2months sometimes and again their pay is quite insignificant.

In general, in as much as Toluna is a well-known testing site, a free to join site, they just have a poor customer relationship and needs to improve as well as in their payment scheme. You can contact them from their contact page on their website


Pinecone is another research website that has being in existence for over 1 decade and is aimed at providing a platform to air your view on products and opinions in general.  Being part of pinecone gives you the privilege of choosing which of the products will hit the market by airing your views about them and allows you to have a first-hand knowledge about a product ever before it hits the stores.

Pinecone offers a reward inform of cash or prizes when you complete a test by sharing your opinion. Other payment method is PayPal or Prepaid credit card. Their payment pending time is fast, within 24 hours.

Joining Pinecone is not quite easy as being their member is by invitation by email mostly. Your account is prone to termination once any form of fraud is detected on you. The products to be tested are sometimes shipped to their members and they are more active in these counties; Canada, UK and US.

Some of the feedbacks given by members are shown below;

  • Sade33 Says

Since a year I started business with Pinecone, they have done nothing but to impress me especially through their product testing that has an attractive payment.

  • Jad43 Says

In over 5 years of doing business with Pinecone, I observed I don’t get frequent surveys and tests but once I do, I always qualify and I get paid at the end. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

Their main office is located at 85 Broad Street, New York, New York 10004 United States and you can contact them using this number: 1-888-572-2676 or simply send an email to

The major thing about Pinecone is that their selection method is quite secretive and membership is strictly by invitation. Also, The participants are not allowed to reveal which products they’ve tested.


BzzAgent which can as well be referred to as Word-of-mouth campaign organization is an organization that helps consumers share their true ideas on product and services between themselves or world at large. This s achieved by giving product s to try out and then you sharing your honest opinion at the end.

BzzAgent is available only to consumers residents in Brazil, France, Germany, USA, Canada and United Kingdom with over one million BzAgents across these countries.Some of the products they’ve given out include some household products, food and drinks, toiletries or cosmetics  like E45 lotion, electric toothbrushes, steam generator irons, wet Ladyshaves, free cookies and so much more.

You can get in touch with them through their contact page on, or call them on phone +44 (0) 800-622-6045 which is only available from Mon To Fri, 9am to 5pm GMT-5.


IPSOS is among the leading product testing advisors in the world with about 20,000 launched products and about 7,000 products tested on yearly basis. The company helps in creating new products, maximizing its life and profitability as well as refining older products to meet customer’s tastes in terms of durability and taste. Mostly residents in Canada and America get to enjoy more of these test products.

The CEO and chairman of IPSOS is Didier Truchot who has ensured that they offer unique services to its clients and world at large. Most times clients who test these products and give their genuine opinion about them are rewarded sometimes with Amazon or American express gift cards.

You can locate their headquarters in Paris using this address 35, rue du Val de Marne 75013 Paris or call them on (+33) 1 41 98 90 00.


MySurvey product tests covers mostly residents in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada and these products ranges from household items, beauty products, babies items to food products and more. They have been in business since 1946 as National Family Organization (NFO) but went online as MySurveyin 2001.

The site is available to persons from 14 years and above and they send their rewards inform of PayPal transfers, Amazon and other gift cards as well as cash payment with their payment processing time is about 4 to 8 weeks depending on your type of reward.

Product tests rewards in MySurvey panel tends to be higher than rewards for other survey types in this panel. Only one member from a particular household is allowed to have an account with MySurvey.

You can contact visit their main office located at 3 Mountain View Road, 3rd Floor Warren, New Jersey, or call them using this number 1-800-537-4097.

  • SMILEY360

Smiley 360 is another product testing website launched in 2009 which delivers products to you for free for your opinions in return. To get these free products, you have to qualify for a Smiley360 mission where you have to complete surveys, update your profiles and partake in the community discussions. You will receive and email that states that you qualify for their Smiley360 mission before you participate.

Only residents of United States are allowed to participate.

Payment from smiley360 is usually with the free products sent to you for testing. You can contact them from their home page using this link


SheSpeaks is more of a female online community founded in the year 2007 featuring up to 200,000 clever women who share their thoughts and ideas on products and be a source of inspiration to those that manufactured these products.

Feel free to locate them using their address 44 West 28th Street 8th fl., New York, New York 10001, you can as well call them on 888.439.6590, sign up with them from their Facebook page or visit their Contact page with this link


HouseParty offers products from companies you love most, example Dove, Scotch, Folgers, Bic, Expo, Redbook, Fresh Waveand Huggies usually inform of coupons or box full of goodies enough for about a dozen of guest or more. You get to show your interest through a “Chatterbox” where you fill a form in relation to the products you are interested in and it will be sent to you once you qualify.

HouseParty requires you to invite few friends over to your house for a party in order to use these products and pictures of you at the party will be required as well for proof.

To contact them, you can email them using any of the emails on their hompage contact link, these email link are as follows;



Nike offers products for tests whenever you pick and you qualify for these products. Mostly footwear and apparel are available in Nike for testing.

They may require that you wear these shoes as often as you can during your testing period and send in both your shoes and your feedback to enable them improve on their products as well as earn you more chance of product tests in the future.

Some of the countries which they are available include;  Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Jamaica, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela,  some European countries, Asia Pacific countries, middle East countries , African countries, and so much more.

You can contact them using their live chat option, call on 8008140085 or visit their contact help page for different countries using this link

We shall update you more on best product testing sites and company, make sure to bookmark this post for more.

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